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Optimising for work - weeknotes #18

Can’t quite believe it’s Friday already. That being said, we’re all working tomorrow because what are even weekends in young-parent-and-global-pandemic times?

The week kicked off with a banger. One of Global Witness’s graph database instances went down, and having been in the job six hours I didn’t really shine.

From the team’s puzzled looks at the service I managed to stand up again, I think it’s upgraded to a new major version, and it looks totally different now. My guess is that the database needed to migrate or do something to itself to follow the upgrade and that this bit needed some TLC.

There was also quite a bit of pressure on the RadarTech front, with a looming deadline on Wednesday to present the survey to Bastien. That’s the first draft out of the door (yay!)… and lot of feedback coming our way next week.

As I mentioned last week, I hope this feedback won’t come to invalidate the choices I made so far.

Good to take our GraphQL for a spin “in the real world” too, and to measure performance in general.

I kept my “baby day” (where one of us is in charge solo) despite how much work I’ve got on otherwise. But I did enjoy the long afternoon walk opportunity to meet up with Patrick, the researcher in charge of the Tactical Tech project I’m helping, for a walking meeting.

I’m sure it looked smooth and easy, but I had a little smug face in the evening as a result of having timed things so well.

Back behind the computer, I’ve picked up Svelte again and am preparing a small “proof of concept” showing the visual devices I’d like to use to walk readers through the dataset.


  • I’ve upgraded the Bluetooth chip in my trusty Thinkpad X220 and can now connect the fancy mouse to it, in Bluetooth 4.0 LTE. One button press and I switch between machines, macOS and Linux. Bliss.
  • Thanks to Louis, I’ve looked into Geoserver and considering standing one up for myself as well. Currently, I hoard shapefiles on a hard drive, and access to them isn’t ideal.
  • ClojureScript, once again.