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Hello 2021 - weeknotes #15

Welcome into 2021. I wish it is more peaceful than the year just elapsed. (Friday edit: well, that sentence got old quick)

The big news of the week is the hardening of the restrictions in Germany, which mean for me that Kita/daycare won’t start next week as planned. That means paying for a nanny if I want to keep working, and that the little one is going to be playing without mates for another few weeks :sad_face:. We’re back from holiday on our own, splitting the days and trading two-hour chunks of work.

I had a lot of paperwork to do for a grant, and a lovely call from a public servant after I told them I was going to blow it: “I am calling in a personal capacity: we’ll help you, don’t worry, richtig?” Super sweet.

A first: I’m about to take on a project that’s not going to be the most well-paid (read: way below my rate), that’s probably going to be lots of work, and that’s not coming at the best time (see paragraph above about daycare). But it’s an NGO I’ve been wanting to work with and it’s probably really good for my portfolio.

I was wondering how other freelance folks get a more accurate picture of their income flow, availability, and money planning. Entered, which seems to be doing all of that, in a lovely visual package. Signed up.