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Paying for the Christmas presents - weeknotes #13

First week of our winter holiday in France, at my folks. It’s lovely and a very stimulating environment for the little one.

Which means, rather annoyingly for me, less quality sleep.

That must be the price you pay for buttery desserts at every meal.

End of the first RadarTech “sprint” with a short retro meeting with Audrey. We’ve got the front end picking up data from the Mongo/GraphQL stack and I’m now in a good position to look at how performant my d3 charts are going to be.

So far, I didn’t negotiate payment terms with clients, and it’s luckily been straightforward. However, I now have a client that, after talking me into a short-notice-and-short-deadline job, kicked the ball down to another review mid January. Not like I had told them a couple of days before that I wanted to be paid this year.

They can sit on my invoice if they want, I guess. But it’s maybe a valuable lesson re: down payments.

I sat through a five-hour to learn how to claim money from a grant I’m going to receive next year.

It involves public money, and thus deadal websites.

Needless to say, after a long day of daedal websites and the 40-strong zoom call in native German of course, I slept rather well.