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Belated winter travels - weeknotes #12

These notes are coming out a few days later than usual, as I spent the tail end of last week off the computer.

We’ve travelled to France via Switzerland to spend a month around the winter holidays. The trip was long and we have to stay a little bit a distance before meeting my family, so we’ve got to stay a while to make it worth it.

God I hate Slack. I’m in several Slack instances to talk to quite literally one or two people. At times, we send each other long messages. To refer to anything, I need to open Slack and look for it. I can’t do it from my phone.

If only there was a better way. Oh wait.

Thing of the week

Less “a thing” and more a “look at my bash”, I admit.

I’ve removed a bunch (read: a lot) of old blogs on []() and I wanted to delete the corresponding media assets, which are no longer used.

My solution:

$ comm -23 <(ls ../_assets) <(ls . |
      xargs grep -o 'assets/[^"]*' |
      awk -F"assets/" '{gsub(/\)$/,""); print $2}' |
      sort) |
  xargs -I {} echo "/Users/b/blog/_assets/"{} |
  xargs -I {} mv {} ~/Desktop/bin
  • lists all posts in /_posts
  • awk-fu the path of each of the media referenced in them
  • diff this list with the list of files in _assets
  • move away files that aren’t needed anymore