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Winter disruptions - weeknotes #11

Our winter holiday plans are being disrupted already. Someone’s ill, we can’t go see them and we won’t be around for Christmas. I’ve got family in hospital with few prospects of family gatherings any time soon. It’s sad.

Audrey and I made a little bit of progress on RadarTech, and we’re aiming for some basic functionalities for Dec 18. In the meantime, we’re working quite asynchronously. Goals: a working survey that POSTs to the database ; results that can be fetched and massaged into small graphics on the client side.

We had to defuse a situation caused by too little talking and concertation from the get-go. Kudos to Audrey for rescuing that situation, which was becoming difficult. We’re marching on with roughly the same stack plans as before, albeit with a newfound understanding of them!

I’m also working on an NDA’d contract which is quite funny. It goes like this:

Act 1
Big Firm: “This is cool, this is an informative newsletter, you know?”
Consultant: “Totes can make it happen. Would you like something like this?”
Big Firm: “I mean, yes please.”

Act 2
Consultant: “So there’s your brief: a few charts about this General Topic.”
Me: “Who’s it for?”
Consultant: “Folks that will find it interesting.”
Me: “And all I’ve got is this already-interpreted survey in a PowerPoint?”
Consultant: “Yep. Make it interesting. What’s your rate?”
Me: “A large number.”
Consultant: “Sounds like it will be interesting. You’re hired!”

What a funny business.

I’m through to the next steps with Deutsche Welle, which is actually going through their entire publishing process, as if I was a member of the team. I’ve got to manage to pitch, research, write, and publish a story they like.

They’ll be paying for my time at their full rate.

Seems to me like a great way to see whether someone is a fit. I do wonder if you don’t exclude quite a few folks who can’t afford to spend so much time on an application?

While we’re planning a month or so away in France, this is going to change our setup quite a bit, and I hope the little one will cope. We both have a few hours of work to do most days of the week, and so I hope the support of the grandparents will help.