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A job tanks, another surfaces - weeknotes #9 - Nov 20, 2020

Cold, cold, cold in Berlin. Winter has come!

The job for the French Direction du numérique is going to happen (and will keep me busy till end of January, 2021 🎉). It's about running a survey to get to know public servants working in technical roles.

Think of the Stack Overflow annual survey, but for the French administrations.

I come in to do some front end, data analysis, and if possible: glitzy viz 💅.

But as one door opens, another one closes:

The second job I cryptically referenced in past notes didn't work out. Despite having raised with them (even before applying) my concern that they probably weren't allowed to hire me (Brexit, etc.), it turned out (drum roll) that they couldn't find a way to hire me.

I know, right?

I'm also hearing from A Former Employer™️ that HR folks and managers are being instructed not to discuss eligibility to work when talking to prospective applicants about remote positions, as it could be discriminatory.

That's their word, not mine. I only know that in this instance, it cost me some hours of prep work, interview, and technical tests to be told we shouldn't have bothered.

I've ordered some new desk gear, the home office feels a lot more legit and comfy now. Next step: a fancy chair?

Short call with Thomas to bounce some ideas about the aforementioned survey:

  • do I want to reimplement a survey library in somethine like Svelte?
  • or should I live with what's around, stop worrying and love SurveyJS?

Thomas was really helpful in reminding that, er, I probably didn't get the gig because of my React -- but because I could find nice things in the dataset we'll collect. So let's spend time on that instead.

I've been off Twitter all of 2020. I'm regularly told I should join LinkedIn to find jobs and "build a network" -- but it feels like I have a broad network on Twitter already.

Problem is: how do you come back to such a show-and-tell network where everyone's doing so much cool stuff when this year you have, well, not?