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Rememberance and yay to nanny - weeknotes #8 - Nov 13, 2020

The job for the French agency is more or less costed now, and the estimated pro forma is about to go to the client. Once (and if) that comes back with a green light, we'll start working (and I'll be able to explain what that's all about).

We put the required documents together with the folks from scopyleft, the workers' coop I'm working through. Deeply nice and thoughtful people, who are taking really good care of us as far as I can tell.

For this project I'll be working with Audrey, who'll be looking after the backend. We spent some time on the phone to draft a "plan of action". Good things coming, we're even planning a little bit of time to draft a GraphQL backend for lightweight, modular data visualisations.

More details later, I promise.

Six years ago, on Nov 11th, 2014, we registered the domain. Six. Years. Feels like it was a lifetime ago, though the project comes up so often...

First week with Lisa, our nanny, helping us three afternoons a week. Excellent time to focus on work, though the nights became (correlation, causation?) very hectic.

Thing of the week

In the night of Nov 9 to 10, 1938, Nazi Germany's SA forces carried out a devastating pogrom. The event came to be called Kristallnacht, "The Night of Broken Glass."

This week as I walked in the street in the evening I noticed that some of the Stolpersteine had candles and roses next to them, a silent and unattended vigil in the street. It was in remeberance of Kristallnacht.

picture of a Stolperstein in the street

I set out to look for a database of these plaques and having discovered the first one (Wikidata, on the left-hand side below), I got a little suspicious of the data, which led me to a much better dataset as far as Berlin is concerned (on the right-hand side below).

How datasets compare

🔸 Wikidata reference 🔹 Stolpersteine-berlin dataset maps of Stolpersteine View on Observable


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