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When news aren't so great - weeknotes #7 - Nov 6, 2020

A lot of waiting for things to happen. Or, for that matter, for things to not happen.

You guessed it: the job at the newspaper I was so keen on didn't work out (see previous note). Fair, though, it would have been pretty extraordinary to hire a non German speaker.

I've re-equiped this blog and website with analytics, as I'd like to know how successful is my portfolio-building effort, and do people actually visit the pages I'd like them to read. As per Thomas' recommendation, I'm using, which I'm hosting and which I've set to respect Do Not Track flags.

I had a meeting with the team that I'll be working with for the French Direction du Numérique (see previous note). Really looking forward to having this signed and to start doing some work.


Three months till the end of our savings at our current burn rate, we're enlisting the help of a nanny to help us with looking after the little one. Right now, work is done at the expense of the other's time -- and as we're both trying to make it back into the workplace, we need some help.

Happy to see how it feels having a stranger and a proper professional around!