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A no-work work week - weeknotes #6 - Oct 29, 2020

Not a lot of time spent behind the computer this week. However, things are rather looking up these days, though it feels like it's all up in the air. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

On the upside, I get to spend loads of time with Charlie on weeks like these.

So I'm enjoying the calm and I wait for things to settle.

Apologies, I'm being cryptic. I've got two applications in the pipeline, as well as a grant proposal and some contracts quite close to signing.

The two aformentioned jobs represent two flavours of what I could be doing: * one is a straight (data/graphics/viz)journo role in an important paper, really close to what I used to do at The Times and The Sunday Times; * the other is focused on interactive viz development, and not with a news outlet pace.

More on that later. Probably.

I'll be trying Windows 10 for the next 90 days, as I've heard good things about the Linux Subsystem that Windows now includes. If that OS worked for me, that could be the end of paying the Apple tax for a while, and a return to more powerful and maintainable machines for a fraction of the price.