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Christmas hopes - weeknotes #5 - Oct 23, 2020

Booked flights home for Christmas. Actually, the perspective of going home led me to pay more attention to all things Covid. I guess there's some anxiety that we wouldn't be allowed to travel or to have a Christmas like my family usually does.

Speaking of being extra cautious and on the defensive: I organised a little mid-week gathering of four people to discuss some of work we each do with computers. This is the first in a series of meetings I've got in mind -- and a great way to meet new Berlin folks.

I wrote a short blog on a tech test I had to take. Two hours to build a new viz from scratch, and I felt pretty rusty after nine months of quite literally not writing any code nor reading any d3. Anyway it went well, at least from my point of view!

Lost of a lot of time fiddling with moving my blog setup to Docker, so things would be identical between my computers and my server. Huge waste of time. A GitHub Pages would be so simple and nice, but I'm in the self-hosted game here.

Wrote a case study of the work I did for Global Witness, so my portfolio looks a little "meatier".

Anybody has any recommendation of self-hosted, respectful analytics? If yes, give me a shout.