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The bag theory

TL;DR: Get a bagpack. Stuff it. You don't need the rest.

What material possessions do you really need?

I ask myself this question all the time, and when Christmas comes in particular (presents, presents, presents).

The answer is in the question itself, and in the word "need." I know my answer: I need a bagpack. Tightly and tidily packed with five changes of clothes, some cables for my gadgets, my phone and laptop, and a couple of other things.

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It's a compromise between hardcore minimalism and freedom from choice and possessions. Because, you see, I like all the things I've got at my place and at my parents. All my cameras, my pens, my notebooks, even my trousers. My binders full of films and prints, all my books. But they're far from essential.

Take pens, for example. I've got all the Staedtler legal ink range, all the Sharpie colours, 20 spare pencils... But the only pens that I use every day and carry everywhere and in a small pouch - and there's only five of them. And I could be down to three easily.

In my bagpack, I carry and travel with just what I need. I can live indefinitely out of its content - whether I'm out for a weekend, two weeks, or three months abroad. Should I decide to quit my job and go on an explore around the world for six months while I'm over in France for Christmas, I could ask a company to put all the things in my flat in boxes and store them somewhere until I get back.

Sure, I would miss my stuff. But I can live without it, and that makes me feel free.