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A 10-hour bus ride

Today, dedicated as I am to flexible-working, I decided to embark on an adventure: a 10-hour bus ride from London to Paris.

I'll be tweeting some things along the way, for the sake of keeping a record of what might have been, now that I'm seating on board this massive vehicle stuck in London traffic, not such a great idea.

1415 BST. TSD+4h15 I am now in France. Oh, what a pleasure it is to see cars on the right side of the road and people overtaking from the left. I can already smell the cheese and the warm croissants straight out of the oven.

But we do live in strange times anyway. Confusing times, even, where I have 4G reception under the English Channel but not in my London bedroom. Go figure, I can't even.

1130 BST. TSD+1h30. An hour and a half to do 11 miles, and we're still pretty much in London. It's sometimes mind-boggling to see the sheer size of this city, and its geographical extent. Also, its very flat layout.

cities layout From Urban age cities compared, on LSECities.

1032 BST. TSD+40 minutes. Flexible working in fantastic, and my boss, Matt Shearer, is kind enough to allow us to work this way when we feel like it. In fact, he is the one who gave me the idea of tweeting and writing about this experience. He suggested that I do so on the Labs blog directly, but it doesn't seem very appropriate now.

Anyway, there is a thing between me and transportation. Many times in the past, I had this surge of productivity while on the move, waiting to embark in a plane, or during a short European or domestic flight. Maybe it's the deadline high or this feeling of having time to kill properly.