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CoinDesk Expert Briefing and the future of Bitcoin

Photos courtesy of CoinDesk on Flickr

Two days ago, I was invited to CoinDesk's first Expert Briefing - and yes, that's about Bitcoin.

They've published a whole lot of photos and a recap on their website, so I won't go too much into details.

Jeremy Allaire, founder of Circle, made a few very good points during the panel talk:

People don't want another currency, but want the benefits of it.

No, Bitcoin is not going to replace the Pound or the Dollar. But there's more to Bitcoin than the currency - the token is far from everything, let's not forget the blockchain tech, the voting possibilities, smart contracts...

Bitcoin will become mainstream when it disappears.

Jeremy Allaire made here the parallel between Bitcoin and TCP/IP in 1995, which was at the time a horrific technology, way too complicated. Then, VCs came, and now the vast majority of us don't know what a Control Bit or the TCP three-way handshake order.

Long-term value will come from intrinsic value, which derives from actual trade. Bitcoin will have to connect to the real world of people buying stuff, not to hardcore libertarians.

Storing money and transferring value will be a free utility on the internet.

And I can't wait. Damn you, international banking fees.