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Encrypted emails hosted by Fastmail

Hello, experts, how're you doing? I need your help, do you mind bearing with me for a second?

I took this year's batch of revelations about our intelligence agiencies pretty seriously. I mean, that was not really a surprise, but I was amazed by the scale of the surveillance.

So I started taking precautions. Limiting the amount of personal informations I deliberately publish online. And encrypting some of my emails - the ones I deemed important.

Because, you see, encryption is a pain in the neck, today. It's not that easy to set up, finding somebody's key can be a bit tricky, and eventually you will receive a reply to your mail saying that your correspondent couldn't decrypt your message.

Anyway, I don't trust anybody - and you shouldn't -, but I can live with some mistrust. For example, I use Google services daily. Every time I log in, I say to myself: "These guys can read everything. Their bots go through everything. GO. AWAY." Same thing when I'm getting search/browse/purchase suggestions deeply resembling what I read/received earlier. But again, I didn't quit Google. Yet.

I've got a second email address that I use only for PGP-encrypted emails. At this moment, my email provider is Fastmail, but since they're based in the US, they could be forced to comply with agencies if requested.

So, the questions:

  • My contract ends in August. Should I renew it or should I subscribe to another email provider?
  • If I do get another email provider, can I keep the PGP key I have now?

Thanks for your help!

PS: If you want to reach me securely, go there to grab my PGP key.