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Stuff I would like to have the time to take on

No doubt here: it is difficult to focus today. I don't know about you, but between my RSS feeds, all those tweets, Hacker News... it is rare that I spend a single day without bookmarking something for later.

This new Javascript library, this yet-another-ranking-of-programming-languages blog post... I always think that I'll have time, and I rarely do. And I'm not even talking about all that other stuff.

Take that, for example: 40 hours of good fun with computers, for $49. Web scraping, penetration testing, white-hat hacking...

I should also get started with Node.js. Why? I don't know why, that's the only reason why I do not actually get on with it. Just all the hype and the desire to do back-end-ish stuff. Plus, there are some great free books out there.

I don't know about you, but I'm very bad at online courses. That's a shame, because I stumbled upon this webinar sponsored by the Google guys about mastering the Chrome dev tools - that I use daily. Doesn't seem that long, it just requires, well... time.

And man, what about Raspberry Pi hacking? Having just a simple clock like this one with infos about, I don't know, recent Twitter interactions, or BBC Breaking News alerts...
But before making a useless clock, I'd go with a Jasper, a sort of Hal 9000 Pi-powered. Gotta do it when I move out (without connecting it to the pod bay doors, though). And after that, maybe a pirate radio...



Bottom line: it's hard to focus. Really.
However, if you're looking for more procrastination material, check out my compilation of links, updated on-the-go.