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These are exciting times for me. Last week, I basically spent my last full week in London before the end of the term. I am wrapping up all the stuff we have to do for uni, and prepare for the next thing to come.
Next friday, I'll fly for a week in Geneva and the CERN, as I am attending the Tribeca Hacks <story matter>. This event will focus seven teams on non-linear storytelling about science. The event is peculiar for its duration: five days. I registered as technologist and will be in charge of building the product with Minn, our stack developer.

Then, only a handful of days after coming back from Switzerland, I'll cross the Channel with my dear fellows Michael and Massimo to my home country, to participate in yet another hackathon in Paris. This event will be hosted by Mozilla, in their beautiful offices, and there we'll work on multimedia storytelling with new technologies. For this weekend in French territory, I'll bridge between the journos, the developer, and the designer.

By the time I'll be back in London, which has been surprisingly sunny lastly, the term will be over, and it will be time to engage in our "final project," which will be something online.

I can't say much more than something, as I do not have any idea what it will look like so far. I'm confident that my works at the BBC, as well as the experiences gained in these two hackathons will provide me with ideas to work on.

As I said, these are exciting times.