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Cycling III - the big red bus

It is warm behind the big red bus.

This splendid double-decker, made in Northern Ireland, moves its 12 tonnes along the great axes of the city day and night. Slowly.

When the big red bus overtakes me in a straight, I move behind it, close to its rear bumper. It displaces a massive volume of air in its wake, creating a draft that makes those who dare follow it fly.

When I’m tired in the morning and my legs struggle to cope with my gear ratio, I hitch a ride behind the big red bus down to the City. We cruise along the A10 together. And when my bus stops, I need not to rush: there’s always another one coming.

Another one with waves of hot air coming from below you to take you away, and to shield you from the rain and headwinds.

The elements can’t get at you any more. Or maybe only the exhaust gas you breathe in and an emergency braking can.

But it is warm, behind the big red bus.