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Cycling II

Red light. Slow down. Pedal less. On a fixed gear, pushing back feels like pedalling backwards. Odd. The junction is turning orange. I don’t want to unclip. Or to stop. Stand up on the pedals. Long strokes, moving backwards and forwards. I could track-stand if need be. But I don’t want to stop.

Don’t know if the pedestrian crossing will have it, or if I will. I should remember this junction. I’ll head to the advanced stop line super slowly and hope. That car is so turning left. They’re not indicating yet, but I don’t know, there’s something about it. I’ll stop in front of it. Eyes staring at the lights.

Green in a couple of seconds. Go.

I throw my weight into my handlebars, and push hard on the pedals. It's safer quickly off the line. It's safer ahead. I’m not rushing or racing, I just have to work with that gear ratio to gain momentum. MAMIL* who joined me is far behind but will catch me once he picks up speed. Only if there’s no traffic, that is. Otherwise, the road is mine...

*MAMIL: Middle-aged man in lycra