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Airwars' new frontpage

Last night, we treated with a new front page, more in line with our ambitions and what we do.

Instead of displaying our data visualisations of war data and raw numbers first thing when landing on the site, we felt we had to give more space to the other strands of the project:

  • The monitoring and investigations into claims of civilian casualties,
  • The systematic archiving of military reports,
  • And the writing of articles on key questions.

In addition to better presenting the breadth of our work, this new page is also Wordpress-based, which means that the numbers will now be updatable by a regular human with no knowledge of coding and SSH-ing into a server. Usability: +1,000.

Now, my dataviz things won’t be left to rot: they just moved to the apt URL /data. We will be updating this page weekly - that is, starting from whenever I manage to lose the habit of updating it as soon as I receive CJTF-OIR’s report in my inbox.

And of course, we kept our big numbers at the top of the new page, both as a distinctive part of our visual identity and as a sign of how bang up to date our work is:

big numbers top

Thank you so much to Nick Axel, from Forensic Architecture, for his help on the redesign and putting up with us ;)