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On Github - the datajournalists' toolbox

A couple of months ago, I started a Github repo named The Datajournalists’ Toolbox to share with others the tool I use on a regular basis.


Let’s face it, some of them are quite awesome, and sharing is caring, they say.

This morning, I added Open Refine to this collection - one of the single best tools out there for datajournalists.

##Contribute! Github and Git are quite good at collaborating.

We wrote a tutorial on Github for the Journocoders meetup at the BBC last month, about how to use an API, and I should really put down my notes about how interesting it was to use Github to do this.

Help all of us out there by sharing what are your favourite tools and how to get started with using them! Get in touch with me, create an issue, or pull-request your tool!

PS: I just saw that I created this project almost a year ago. A year ago. Oh, time flies.