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Going jekyll

Welcome to this new blog. Well, I’m saying new without any reason, as a matter of fact.

I just jumped from Wordpress to Jekyll, a very lightweight and hacker-friendly content-management system (CMS). I now manage a folder with text files instead of a database, an online editor, and many fancy things I have absolutely no use for.

Several reasons for this change:

First: ‘because I can.’ Very easy to deploy, I wanted to try Jekyll, and it turned out to look and feel great in a matter of hours. So, I deployed it and replaced the Wordpress version.

Second: I have been blogging for some time now. And there are several things I noticed:

  • People do not use comment forms - on my blog(s) at least - that much.
  • I do not want to manage an SQL database.
  • I am sad I cannot write my articles solely in my text editor - I have to log in to Wordpress admin at some point.
  • I find Wordpress online editor horrendous. Both WYSIWYG and code version.


  • I couldn’t care less about Wordpress.
  • Enabling Disqus (which isn’t open-source) is not worth it.
  • I publish articles from text files, I commit them to Gihub as a backup.
  • The only thing I want you to have is an Atom feed and a Twitter handle where to reach me.

I love you, people. I am glad you are reading.